One day, four little paws walk into your life.
And life turns into so much fun. These are PetDays.

How It Works


We created PetDays based on interviews and insights from pet parents just like you, dear human. Here’s some feedback from pet parents after using the PetDays prototype:

He’s not going to be with us forever; PetDays helps me remember all of it even when he’s old.
Elizabeth M., mom of Rico Suave, a Chihuahua
Our dogs really are our furry children. They are so integrated into our family. With a pet, you know you only have them so long. I really love to document and see the differences as they grow older.
-Gretchen F., mom to three dogs
I’ve captured some additional firsts. If I’d had this when I picked him up from the shelter instead of weeks later, I would have captured more early events, like the first car ride.-
Mario M., dad of Gunner, a Lab-mix
These are very creative prompts, some that I would have never thought to take photos of, which is helpful to first-time pet parents.
Christine C., mom of Lucy, a puppy of various adorable breeds


Pets talking about pethood.

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